Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year! I had a wonderful New Years Eve with friends and family playing games and eating. Today will be spent lounging and eating later and a little crafting and creating both in the studio and on line. I plan, this year, to grow in my faith, loose another 30 pounds, become healthier and influence my daughter to do the same, blog everyday, be creative as often as possible, move my business to the next level, and change our financial situation. I pray for everyone I know and love to prosper and be healthy and happy in this coming year. Have a great New Years Day and the other 364 days to be what you want or make them to be.

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  1. As the year is drawing closer to the end I have grown in my faith, I gained back the 30 pounds, still working on the health part, I blog a lot but not everyday, I am creative a lot more, I have moved a business to the next level it's just a different one but it is fixin' to jump even a level higher, I have changed our financial situation for the better.