Saturday, December 27, 2008

Welcome, I made the switch. I'm so excited!!! :} I am going to put some post from my other blog below. Have fun checking it out.

This great book inspired me and my friend, Amber, to share with others the impact it had on our lives. We have been asked by MPBC to teach a class on FAITHBOOKING. Classes start on
August 27th and will be every Wednesday night for about 12 weeks. We will be answering God's command in Joshua 4 to build a visual memorial to the journey He has lead us through so that future generations will know who we are, what we believed and what influenced us. At the end of the class everyone will have a complete 8X8 album that they can continue to add to it as God works through them. I am blessed and supper excited about this opportunity.

Got to go clean (yuck) so the house will be ready for next Friday, my first Club Meeting (yeah). Have good one, see ya soon :}

I love this two page layout alone, but the coolest part is hidden. Just under the top garden picture on the right page is my journal entry. Check it out ...

If I were to introduce God to a crowd of people like at a concert this is totally the way I would do it.

This is a page that has all of the names of Jesus. I did a study about His names and there meanings. Talk about and interesting study. Other than our savior he is so much more.

I took those names to a site called wordle and

typed them in. It then gave a variety of word

clouds to choose from and colors to choose

from. (it is the coolest site) I love the simplicity

of this page, but the huge meaning and impact

on what I believe.

This next page is entitled "Pay Attention to the Orange Barrels" and says that God has a plan and direction for us and that if we do not pay attention to His "street" signs and go the wrong direction He will in one way or another get us there. You know sometimes he has to gently nudge us in the right direction and sometimes it is like a huge collision, with a major tie up and delays for hours on the highway of life.

This is my "I Believe" page. This fabulous picture is a picture of the cross on Pensacola Beach. It sits on top of that sand dune for all to see. Sounds pretty normal, but it is very near the Gulf of Mexico. Still no bells going off ... well every thing around this dune has been devastated by many hurricanes and this dune and cross remain. The media and the world cannot explain it, but I say that it is Gods sign that no matter what devastation he puts in your life He is always there, still strong, watching from above and no one nor anything can take Him away from you.

If you click on the picture you can enlarge it and read the journaling about the things I believe.

My FaithBook is my story of what I believe, who has inspired me, prayers said and answers given. It is my way of passing on to future generations things about me that cannot be told in your typical scrapbook.

I say my FaithBook is my twelve stone memorial, like the one in Joshua 3 & 4.

The journey in making this book is a refreshing reminder to me of all that my Lord has done for me and what he promises to do for me in the future.

Don't you just love this card!!!

My sister made it for my son's birthday. She said she C.A.S.E.d it and would not put it on her blog, but I just had to show off her talents. This is a fabulously personalized card right down to the guitar pick.
Here's a toot to you sis.

Aren't these adorable!?!

I think these would be the most perfect favor for a party, wedding, shower or tea. Contact me if you would like instructions for making them yourself or if you would like for me to make them to coordinate with your event.

I finished these last night. They have candy corn in them. Just some simple designer paper for the tube, with some contrasting cardstock for the scallop and circle punches accented with a little purple or white ink around the edges and the cute little spiders are from stickaroni. If you would like the instructions please feel free to contact me. These are so versatile for every holiday.

Aren't these adorable. They will be given out as party favors at my daughters class party on Friday. These are filled with peanut m & m's. I'll be doing some with candy corn also.

Aren't these guys cute! :} This is part of what I am doing

this year instead of just plain old candy. I am going to post
a how to in a few days so you can make your own. They
are supper easy.

I have been doing some scrapin'. I am working on some items to sell at a craft fair at a local private school. I am also planning a all day crop in mid November. I will release dates in the next week or so. Here are some of the cutty patooty guys I have been working on.

I will be adding these cute guys to some pre-made pages for sell. Along with some cute seasonal pages, mini card albums and cards.

What He Loves To Do

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